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Headlight testing device MLD 9000

Beissbarth MLD 9000 - Digital headlight measurement and adjustment

Article number: 1 692 104 345

Digital headlight testing with MLD 9000: intelligent, fast and precise

  • Precise green alignment lasers for accurate alignment with the vehicle. Green laser diodes are particularly well visible to the human eye because the eye has its maximum spectral sensitivity in the green range
  • Cross laser function for precise positioning in the center of the headlight
  • For all light sources (Xenon, Bi-Xenon, LED, Bi-LED, Halogen) and glare-free high-beam systems (Dynamic Light Assist - DLA, Matrix1, HD-Matrix2, ILS Ford)
  • All types of vehicles (passenger cars, trucks, motorcycles)
  • All types of headlights (main headlights, fog lamps, auxiliary lamps)
  • High-resolution (5 megapixel) CMOS camera for real-time digital image processing
  • Measurement results in real time optimized with live images
  • Comparison between measured and limit values and unambiguous red/green evaluation
  • Saving and archiving of the measured values ​​in database
  • Reporting of the measurement result possible via PDF
  • Time-saving quick measurement functionality
  • Precise definition of the cut-off line without disrupting blue fringe
  • Workshop-proof touch-screen display (7")
  • Continuously swiveling display for a variety of applications (such as the MOT for testing or in the workshop for adjustment) and for adapting to the local lighting conditions
  • Intuitive and simple user guidance
  • Visual and acoustic signals support the measurement procedure
  • Independent operation thanks to battery
  • Measured values: Horizontal and vertical deviation (pitch angle), intensity, roll angle, yaw angle
  • Ports: LAN, USB, RS232
  • Live firmware update possible
  • Optional PC software to display the measurement on the test lane PC

Highest mechanical precision and long-life cycle (suitable for future legal requirements):

  • A new developed torsion-free and specially hardened aluminum column
  • Easy to use, robust sliding system for precise height adjustment and comfortable working
  • Robust and durable counter weight system with toothed belt
  • Determination of the headlight installation height via adjustable, specially made aluminum scale or use of the optional height measuring sensor
  • Optional: fine adjustment of the column with 1 angle minute accuracy

Networking: Test results via WLAN with quick and aptly arranged results on the PC

  • Save measurement printouts in a network folder
  • Mirror software on a PC
  • Integration with Bosch Connected Repair (fees apply for activation)
  • ASA-ready

Certificate: CE, EMC, FCC, FDA

Please note: vehicle-specific light distribution patters such as Ford Matrix, Skoda Matrix, or Skoda Kink need to activated separately.

Weight43 kg
Operating temperature5 - 45 °C
Electrical connection100 - 240 V | 50 - 60 Hz
Battery voltage (DC)12 V
Height of light center240 - 1500 mm
Measuring range lowest stand/highest stand800 - -800 mm
Light intensity0 - 150000 cd
Illumination(1m) 0 - 150000 / (25m) 0 - 240 lx
Storage temperature-25 - 45 °C
Version- digital
Packaging length1900 mm
Packaging width700 mm
Packaging height600 mm
Gross weight63 kg
Measuring range low beam left/right1000 - -1000 mm
Measuring range high beam left/right1000 - -1000 mm
Relative humidity storage20 - 80 %
Relative humidity, use30 - 60 %
Radiant power alignment laser≤ 2 mW
Operating voltage alignment laser3 - 5 V (DC)
Laser class alignment laser2
Projection alignment laser130° x 0,4 mrad
Laser diode alignment laser520 +/- 5 nm
Laser class cross laser2
Projection cross laser90° x 0,4 mrad
Laser diode cross laser635 nm
Radiant power cross laser5 mW
Operating voltage cross laser3 - 5 V (DC)
Integrated inclinometer- No
Rail kit 3 m1 692 105 080
Extension kit for rail kit | 1.5 m1 692 105 112
Cover for MLD 90001 692 105 201
Alignment kit for alignment on the vehicle center line Ford requirement | for MLD 90001 692 105 252
P-Assist laser module for symmetry alignment1 690 381 124
Height-messuring sensor | for MLD 9000 1 692 105 278
CoRe Function | for MLD 90001 692 105 281
CoRe Function + Wifi stick | for MLD 90001 692 105 282

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Headlight testing device MLD 9000

Headlight testing device MLD 9000


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