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Headlight testing device MLD 815 Ford

Beissbarth MLD 815 Ford - Digital headlight measurement and adjustment according Ford requirements

Article number: 1 692 104 338

Headlight testing system MLD 815 with Ford homologation

  • Homologated headlight testing system for Ford workshops
  • Alignment to the vehicle center line according Ford requirements: with laser module and rear target post
  • Including developed software function for glare-free high beam system (ILS / GFHB) built into Ford models

Alignment kit for alignment on the vehicle center line (Ford requirement)

  • Exact alignment to the vehicle center line: with laser module and rear target post
  • Designed for Ford vehicles with glare-free high beam, usable for all manufacturers vehicles to increase the precision
  • Attached to the rear of the vehicle using magnets or suction cups
  • Fine adjustment for exact positioning to the vehicle center
  • High quality, highly visible, green vertical laser
  • Low laser class - 1M


Note: Rail system is mandatory to use this alignment solution (Ford requirement)

German Road Traffic Type-Approval Law StVZO § 29 general-inspection headlight-test directive: MLD 815 Ford can be calibrated according to the legal requirements

  • TÜV certificate in line with StVZO § 50 - TPN 10010 1161: MLD 815 Ford is TÜV-certified by prototype technical release examination in accordance with the directives for testing headlight adjustment/test equipment (German Road Traffic Type-Approval Law StVZO §50 paragraph 5).
  • The vehicle center line alignment with pendulum is considered in the type approval certificate.
  • The alignment (leveling) of the MLD 815 Ford on the testing bay corresponds to the latest requirements
  • Two-dimensional spirit level for horizontal leveling of the optical box
  • Levelable 3-Wheel base system fitting for all common rail systems
  • Levelable rail system for above and inground installation (3 m) as optional available accessory

Digital headlight testing with MLD 815: intelligent, fast and precise

  • Cross- and alignment laser for precise positioning
  • For all light sources (Xenon, Bi-Xenon, LED, Bi-LED, Halogen) and glare-free high-beam systems (Dynamic Light Assist - DLA, Matrix, ILS Ford)
  • All types of vehicles (passenger cars, trucks, motorcycles)
  • All types of headlights (main headlights, fog lamps, auxiliary lamps)
  • CMOS camera for real-time digital image processing
  • Built-in printer
  • Measurement results in real time
  • Comparison between measured and limit values and unambiguous red/green evaluation
  • Precise definition of the cut-off line without disrupting blue fringe
  • Digital LCD colour display (5.7") with 262,000 colours
  • Touch-screen function (operation with gloves is possible)
  • Intuitive and simple user guidance
  • Visual and acoustic signals support the measurement procedure
  • Menu featuring 7 languages
  • Operating panel can be rotated by 180° for different areas of application (e.g. for general inspections or for the adjustment at the workshop)
  • Independent operation thanks to battery - Storage battery Alignment laser 3 x Mignon AA 1.5 V - Storage battery Alignment laser vertical 4 x Mignon AA 1.5 V
  • Measuring height (optical center): 24 - 145 cm
  • Measured values: Horizontal and vertical deviation (pitch angle), intensity, roll angle, yaw angle
  • Digital precision: +/- 1 cm on a 10-meter measuring distance

Reliable check and adjustment of permanent high beams (e.g. Dynamic Light Assist - DLA, Matrix Beam etc.)

MLD 815 Ford assists the user with intelligent headlamps:

  • Mechanical adjustment of the vertical cut-off line (e.g. DLA, ILS)
  • Positon of the cut-off line read out by means of the MLD 815 Ford software - with an accuracy level based on angular minutes (e.g. bei Matrix Beam)


Note: To adjust the glare-free high beam, an OBD diagnostic device is also required

Test results via WLAN with quick and aptly arranged results on the PC

  • Optional: visualization on the workshop computer
  • Displaying of the cut-off line on the PC monitor or TFT screen
  • Data transfer to PC via WLAN
  • User interface simplifies intuitive use
  • Database function
  • Printing and archiving
  • Adjustment of the colour scheme by the user: Light/dark background depending on the lighting conditions
  • Workshop Network Connectivity: Supports Bosch Connected Repair, ASA Network Compatibility is guaranteed"

Certificate: CE, TÜV, EMC, FCC, FDA

Operating temperature5 - 45 °C
Electrical connection100 - 240 V | 50 - 60 Hz
Battery voltage (DC)12 V
Height of light center250 - 1500 mm
Measuring range lowest stand/highest stand600 - -600 mm
Light intensity0 - 150000 cd
Illumination(1m) 0 - 150000 / (25m) 0 - 240 lx
Storage temperature-25 - 45 °C
Version- digital
Packaging length650 mm
Packaging width1790 mm
Packaging height700 mm
Gross weight40 kg
Measuring range low beam left/right1000 - -1000 mm
Measuring range high beam left/right1000 - -1000 mm
Relative humidity storage20 - 80 %
Relative humidity, use30 - 60 %
Radiant power alignment laser5 mW
Operating voltage alignment laser3 - 5 V (DC)
Laser class alignment laser3R
Projection alignment laser130° x 0,4 mrad
Laser diode alignment laser635 nm
Laser class cross laser3R
Projection cross laser90° x 0,4 mrad
Laser diode cross laser635 nm
Radiant power cross laser5 mW
Operating voltage cross laser3 - 5 V (DC)
Projection alignment laser (vertical)(P-Assist S5) 130° x 0,4 mrad
Laser diode alignment laser (vertical)(P-Assist S5) 520 +/- 5 nm
Laser class alignment laser (vertical)(P-Assist S5) 1M
Radiant power alignment laser (vertical)(P-Assist S5) 10 mW
Operating voltage alignment laser (vertical)(P-Assist S5) 4,5 - 6 V (DC)
Rail kit 3 m1 692 105 080
Extension kit for rail kit | 1.5 m1 692 105 112
Height-messuring sensor | for MLD 6xx and 8xx 1 692 105 066
Cover for headlight testing devices1 692 105 079
PC Software Icperform - Headlight1 692 105 145
Matrix 2 Upgrade | for MLD 8151 692 105 269
Ford Matrix | for MLD 8151 692 105 288
Skoda Function | for MLD 8151 692 105 289

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Headlight Tester MLD 815 Ford

Headlight Tester MLD 815 Ford


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