NEW: Beissbarth RaceScales!

Beissbarth launched electronic corner weight scales for optimal suspension tuning in conjunction with wheel alignment.

The electronic corner weight scales carry out highprecision weight distribution on the vehicle. In connection with the wheel alignment, the chassis can be optimally adjusted. This provides maximum levels of grip and better overall handling of the vehicle.

By the help of the corner weight scales the static weight distribution as well as the center of gravity optimization are integrated into to wheel alignment process. This not only ensures a stable and levelled working surface for optimal measurement results but also allows the immediate re-adjustment of camber, caster, and toe settings after the change in ride height. In motorsports the Beissbarth corner weight scales ensure best race settings of the vehicle for faster lap times. Digital corner balance scales:

• High precision for best measurement results
• High performance lithium polymer battery, wireless
• Seamless integration in all common wheel alignment lifts
• Compatible with all Beissbarth wheel aligners and thirdparty systems
• Intuitive software with clear display of measured values
• Always-on-top mini screen with live values of the four wheel weights

Beissbarth RaceScales for the IAM market (brochure) and for Volkswagen (brochure)