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Headlight testing device MLD 110 | for Mercedes-Benz

Beissbarth MLD 110 Mercedes-Benz - Headlight testing system for Mercedes-Benz workshops

Article number: 1 692 104 334

German Road Traffic Type-Approval Law StVZO § 29 general-inspection headlight-test directive: MLD 110 can be calibrated according to the legal requirements

  • TÜV certificate in line with StVZO § 50 - TPN 2023-05-2208483: MLD 110 is TÜV-certified by prototype technical release examination in accordance with the directives for testing headlight adjustment/test equipment (German Road Traffic Type-Approval Law StVZO §50 paragraph 5).
  • The alignment (leveling) of the MLD 110 on the testing bay corresponds to the latest requirements
  • Two-dimensional spirit level for horizontal leveling of the optical box
  • Levelable rail system for above- and inground installation is a mandatory accessory
  • Levelable 3-Wheel base system

Headlight testing with MLD 110 Mercedes-Benz: for Mercedes-Benz workshops

  • Crosslaser for precise positioning
  • Analogue system for all light sources (Xenon, Bi-Xenon, LED, Bi-LED, Halogen)
  • All types of vehicles (passenger cars, trucks, motorcycles)
  • All types of headlights (main headlights, fog lamps, auxiliary lamps)
  • On required rail system. Rail system must be ordered separately
  • Column and optical box constantly oriented 90° towards the roll-on markers
  • Digital Luxmeter: 3 photo diodes within the test screen measure the intensity of the illumination, which is then displayed on the digital lux meter. This makes for easy identification of outdated or low-quality light sources.
  • Universal aiming screen: MLD 110 test screen for both right-hand and left-hand traffic
  • Two-dimensional spirit level for exact levelling

Mercedes-Benz homologated alignment system

  • Vehicle alignment by means of yellow 7-metre roll-on markers (for trucks: 9 m)
  • Permanent fixation and precise alignment to the roll-on markers of the optical box
  • Target column adapter for night vision assistants. Practical board fixture by means of a magnet. The target board itself is not included in scope of delivery.
  • With colour filter attachment: LED1 color filter for LED headlights filters out the disrupting blue fringe in the area of the cut-off line and thus simplifies the visual assessment by the workshop technician.

Certificate: CE, TÜV

Operating temperature5 - 45 °C
Battery voltage (DC)9 V
Height of light center250 - 1500 mm
Measuring range lowest stand/highest stand0 - -400 mm
Illumination(25m) 0 - 240 lx
Humidity20 - 80 %
Storage temperature-25 - 45 °C
Version- analogue
Packaging length650 mm
Packaging width1790 mm
Packaging height700 mm
Gross weight40 kg
Measuring range low beam left/right300 - -300 mm
Measuring range high beam left/right50 - -300 mm
Relative humidity storage20 - 80 %
Relative humidity, use30 - 60 %
Laser class cross laser3R
Projection cross laser90° x 0,4 mrad
Laser diode cross laser635 nm
Radiant power cross laser5 mW
Operating voltage cross laser3 - 5 V (DC)
Rail kit 3.3 m1 692 105 134
Extension kit for rail kit | 1.5 m1 692 105 112
Cover for headlight testing devices1 692 105 079

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