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Joint play detector GST 651 | 400 V

To detect defects and wear in the suspension systems of double-track vehicles | up to 4 t axle load

Article number: 1 691 650 000

  • The geometry of the axle to be tested is displaced by moving the test plates of the GST 6xx. This makes it possible to detect impermissible play at joints and wheel bearings or to localise cracks at stub axles for example.
  • The GST 651 is only to be used for the inspection of double-track vehicles with a maximum axle load of 4000 kg.
  • Remote control over control lamp with control buttons (Ø 60 mm, length 205 mm, incl. Halogen bulb with reflector, GU5,3 / 38°, 12 V / 20 W)

Scope of delivery:

  • Test plates (2x)
  • Control module incl. control lamp
  • Hydraulic unit
  • Hydraulic line fitting set
  • Fitting set
  • Hydraulic fluid (Type of fluid DIN 51524 VG 22)
Weight244 kg
Fuse protection10 A
Electrical connection- 400 V | 50 Hz
Max. axle load testable4000 kg
Test speed75 mm/s
Power supply fuse1,6 | 6,3 A slow-blow
Control voltage12 V (DC)
Bedienelemente- Control module and control unit
Remote control- standard
Supply lead5 x 1,5 mm²
Lifting device, max. stroke40 mm
Test plate length730 mm
Test plate width730 mm
Test plate weight70 kg
Lifting device hydraulic power unit pump rating3,2 l/min
Lifting device hydraulic power unit operating pressure120 bar
Lifting device hydraulic power unit motor rating1,1 kW
Test plate height130 mm
Packaging length1145 mm
Packaging width820 mm
Packaging height500 mm
Gross weight266 kg
Cable length to the control unit5 m
Bewegung der Prüfplatte80 mm
Hydraulic oil quantity18 l
Min. operating temperature-10 °C
Max. operating temperature+60 °C
Relative humidity max.85 %
Max. drive-over load4000 kg
Min. storage temperature-25 °C
Max. storage temperature80 °C
Thrust per cylinder12000 N
Lifting device hydraulic power unit motor speed1410 rpm
Control module dimensions (W x D x H)360 x 150 x 200 mm
Installation frame for play detector GST 6511 691 651 001

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