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Q.mApp | License Key 365

License for Q.mApp software for quicker positioning with Q.Lign, automatic ADAS specs through vehicle selection, complete ADAS documentation for third parties.

Article number: 8 900 388 001

Q.mApp: Safe and Fast ADAS Calibration

ADAS calibration can be time-consuming and complex, especially when procedures, equipment, and positions vary greatly among different OEMs. At the same time, safe and successful ADAS calibration requires thorough attention to detail. But who can keep track of it all?

ADAS calibration positioning made simple

Q.mApp guides the user through the setup and positioning sequence for every OEM, regardless of static of dynamic calibration. Selecting a vehicle and model immediately provides you with:

  • Necessary equipment for ADAS calibration
  • Step-by-step instructions to correctly position ADAS fixture and targets
  • Height, distance, and center offsets for target placement

One ecosystem: Q.mApp fully integrates wheel alignment and ADAS calibration

By integrating wheel alignment and ADAS calibration, Q.mApp ensures systems are performing as set out by OEMs. In combination with Q.Lign, ADAS calibration becomes simpler than ever:

  • Automatic compensation of height offsets
  • Realtime positioning of ADAS fixture to OEM specs (Height, distance, offset, yaw angle)
  • Compensation of runout and clamping errors
  • Ensuring straight-ahead mode during calibration
  • Rear axle readings and ADAS positions in one printout

Easy installation of Q.mApp

Q.mApp can be installed on any Android-based tablet or directly on the one delivered with your Q.Lign system! To use the full potential of Q.mApp, a registration & activation is required:

  • Download the .apk file of Q.mApp: Download Link Q.mApp
  • Install on the Android tablet of your choice
  • Order a license key card through your local dealer (supplied with all Q.DAS systems)
  • Enter your license key on base-licensecenter.com
  • Unlock all features of Q.mApp with activation key received from the License Center

Find detailed installation instructions here:Q.mApp Installation Guide

Scope of delivery:

  • Key Card with activation code for 365 days.

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