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Akimbo Mk1 | WDK

Leverless center-post tyre changer | 10-30" working range | double bead roller discs | laser positioning | integrated wheel lift | pedal inflation | pneumatic assistance arm | 230V

Article number: 1 692 401 007

Leverless Demounting Group andCenter Post Locking

  • No contact with the rim
  • Center hole clamping ensures firm grip of wheel
  • Mechanical locking pin for high durability
  • Optional clamping adapters for closed center rims

Automatic Adjustment to Rim Size

  • Radial positioning of tools and both bead breaker discs with rim size
  • Guided by laser to prevent tools from damaging rims
  • Infinitely variable from 10 to 30" rims
  • Automatically moves leverless tool and both bead breaking discs out of working zone with press of a button

Maximum Rigidity by Design

  • Double column design prevents torsion and flexing during operation
  • Rail-guided demounting tool and bead breaker discs for maximum stability
  • Industrial components for high durability
  • All tools controlled pneumatically, no Bowden cables

Integrated Center Wheel Lift

  • Lifts wheels directly onto center post
  • No moving or lifting of heavy wheel
  • Allows technician to stay on one side of the machine
  • Automatically descends with release of pedal
  • Supports wheels up to 80kg

Pneumatic Bead Pushing Arm and Double Bead Breaker Discs

  • Premium travelling bead pusher arm to keep bead in drop center during rotation
  • Easier handling of UHP and runflat tyres
  • Pusher arm mounted to column instead of tool arm to prevent tool movements when force is applied
  • Bead breaker discs operated by two independent cylinders for more flexibility

Clean and Intuitive Operating Console:

  • Minimal buttons to reduce complexity
  • Joystick for better control of leverless demounting tool
  • Separate button for rim size adjustment
  • Ergonomic height

Upgrade Options:

  • Tubeless inflation kit
  • Bottom mounting tool for soft tyres

WDK-Approved: Secure mounting and demounting of UHP and runflat tyres

Scope of deliveries:

  • 3x upper protection leverless tool
  • 2x lower protection leverless tool
  • 2x rubber protection center post
  • 1x pin for reversed wheels
  • Brush
  • Plastic lever
  • 230V plug
Max. wheel diameter47" | 1200mm
Bead breaker force12000 N
Operating pressure8 - 10 bar
Max. rim diameter30 "
Max. wheel width15" | 380mm
Max. wheel weight80 kg
Length1926 mm
Height2043 mm
Width1309 mm
Power supply230V | 1Ph | 50-60Hz
Motor power1,5 kW
Min. rim diameter10 "
Space requirement width1502 mm
Rotation speed0 - 18 rpm
Packaging length1050 mm
Packaging width1200 mm
Packaging height2100 mm
Gross weight621 kg
Number of mounting speedsstufenlos
Clamping device designcentral
Mounting head designwithout tire lever
Tyre inflationfoot control
Units per 20ft container4 Piece(s)
Units per 40ft container10 Piece(s)
Spacer | for light trucks 1 692 402 215
Rubber protection | for center clamping 1 692 402 214
Cone | for light trucks 1 692 402 213
Quick inflation system | for tubeless tires1 692 402 029
Flange | for reverse-mounting rims and without central hole 1 692 402 024
BeadLock Pro | with extension 1 692 402 003
Bead clamp 1 692 402 031
Protection for lower mounting tool | 1 pc. | Akimbo1 692 402 177
Lower mounting tool | Akimbo1 692 402 216
Upper protection for mounting tool | 1 pc. | Akimbo1 692 402 173
Lower protection for mounting tool | 1 pc. | Akimbo1 692 402 174
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Akimbo Mk1 brochure

Akimbo Mk1 brochure


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