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Q.Lign T.41 Kit - BYOD

Q.Lign T.41 as kit version for wall mounting for 360° access to the lift. For customized customer solutions. Without Tablet, wheel clamps and turntables.

Article number: 1 690 800 011

Ultimate productivity - vehicle after vehicle
The T-Series builds on the existing Q.Lign platform and focuses entirely on wheel alignment. With Q.Lign T.41, workshops raise the bar even higher and can thus exploit their full service potential.

Measuring at the highest level

  • Camera beam measures permanently from a height of 2.8 meters
  • No motor, no winch, no wear and tear
  • No up, no down, no injuries or damage
  • No movement, no matter if short or long wheelbases

Everything perfectly in sight

  • Four wheels, four cameras
  • Separate camera for the rear axle for more accurate toe values on the front axle
  • Install anywhere within 1.8 to 3.3 meters of the front axle
  • Measure and adjust from 0 to 2 meters platform height at any time

Work smarter, not harder

  • Measurement starts directly with attachment of the targets to quickly determine accident vehicles
  • All targets work on any wheel reduces setup times and setup errors
  • Active MEMS Technology: Constant measurement against gravity for uncompromising accuracy
  • Caster sweep at floor level without the need for a stool or ladder
  • Access to clear and easy-to-understand PDF reports from anywhere inside your shop

The world's first web-based wheel aligner

  • Eliminates need for trolley and PC and creates more space
  • Incredibly efficient with up to 95% power savings compared to PC-based systems
  • Stream-to-X: Access software on any TV, PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Intuitive software, streamlined operations, more productivity
  • Easy integration of Q.Lign into your shop's daily processes and systems

Full speed, without compromising on precision

  • Powerful software with optimized workflow for the entire wheel alignment process
  • Reduced runout process for more productivity
  • 3D camera technology produces highly accurate realtime measurements

Space requirement

  • Minimum height of 2800mm
  • Minimum clearance of 2800mm on four-post lifts

Scope of delivery

  • Camera beam with 4 cameras
  • Q.Lign display module
  • 4x targets with AutoID
  • Powerbox for power supply
  • 2x WiFi modules

Important: This version is for full customization for the customer. To complete the BYOD Kit version, the following items need to be purchasd separately: control and display unit (Monitor with mouse and keyboard or Android tablet), turnplates and fillers, wheel clamps, brake and steering wheel lock.

Packaging unit1 Piece(s)
Electrical connection90-264V | 1Ph | 47-63Hz
Individual toe front/rear axleJa
Total toeJa
Toe-out on turnsJa
Camber front/rear axleJa
Thrust angleJa
Sensor count4 Piece(s)
Data transmission typekabellos
Measuring system3D mit Messbalken (fixiert)
Display size10 "
Power consumption45 W
Wheel base1750 - 4600 mm
Space requirement width2595 mm
Run-out compensationJa
Individual toe front axleJa
Individual toe rear axleJa
Camber frontJa
Camber rearJa
Set-back front axleJa
Set-back rear axleJa
Geometric centre lineJa
Included angleJa
Ride height modified vehicle specsYes
Vehicle dimensions liveJa
Set-up height2800 mm
Country of Origin, customsDE
Number of languages (software)30
Distance camera - center of turntable1800 - 3300 mm
Clearance front posts of lift min.2800 mm
Wall mount | Q.Lign T-Series | 550-870mm1 690 801 053
Magnetic clamps for wheel bolts | 100mm1 690 701 521
Magnetic clamps for wheel bolts | 75mm1 690 701 508
Self-centering quick clamp for Tesla1 690 380 161
Self-centering quick clamp for Porsche1 690 380 010
Self-centering quick clamp for Porsche1 690 301 003
Central clamp Porsche Carrera GT1 690 301 002
Central clamp Porsche 911 GT3 and Turbo1 690 380 002
Self-centering quick clamp for Ferrari1 690 381 299
Self-centering quick clamp | for Lamborghini8 900 380 016
Multi-Fit wheel clamp with standard claws | 13 - 22" | 4 pcs.1 690 311 112
Adapter set Q.Grip | for Q.Lign | 4 pcs.1 690 101 010
ProClamp wheel clamp | 13 - 23" | 1 pc1 690 100 001
Quick clamp Mercedes Benz | OEM1 690 801 002
Quick clamp BMW | OEM1 690 801 001
Extension set for Multi-fit clamps | 23 - 28"1 690 311 113
Mechanical aluminum turntable Standard1 690 501 001
Mechanical aluminum turntable Precision1 690 401 028
Electronic aluminum turntable without connecting cable | Standard1 690 401 011
Electronic aluminum turntable without connecting cable | Precision1 690 401 013
Filling piece for aluminum turntable1 690 702 082
Filling piece for aluminum precision turntable1 690 102 041
Storage kit | for 4x Q.Grip1 690 801 048
Storage kit | for 4x MultiFit1 690 801 047
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Q.Lign T-series brochure

Q.Lign T-series brochure


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