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Joint Play Detector GST 8600 | Truck | 20t | 400V

Quick detection of defects and wear on wheel bearings, steering parts, suspension, stabilizers, and trailer couplings on trucks with up to 20t axle loads

Article number: 1 691 850 200

Joint Play Detector Truck 20t - Quick detection of defects and wear on trucks with up to 20t axle load:

  • wheel bearings,
  • steering parts,
  • suspension,
  • stabilizers,
  • Kingpins and
  • trailer couplings


  • Smooth movement due to powerful hydraulic unit with high precision for easy and fast positioning
  • Low-noise under-oil hydraulic power unit
  • Two digital test plates built into the foundation at ground level
  • Galvanized test plates with integrated, digital valve control electronics
  • Bearing is provided by extra-robust, hard-chrome plated steel shafts
  • Extremely robust and low-maintenance design for long service life
  • Test plates can be moved in horizontal, vertical, and transversal directions
  • Further operating modes including automatic modes (optionally)
  • Wireless radio hand lamp with one-hand operation for movements control
  • Wireless radio hand lamp with long-life LEDs and lens for an ideal light beam angle
  • Suitable for existing Beissbarth foundation frames (as used for GST-8508)
  • Suitable for all popular foundation frames (accessories required)
  • Meets the requirements of Directive 2014/45/EU

Standard swinging movements:

  • Longitudinal and transverse, opposite directions

Optional swinging movements upgrades:

  • Longitudinal and transverse, same direction (1691853206)
  • Automatic longitudinal and transverse, same and opposite directions (1691853203)
  • Automatic circular (1691853204)
  • Automatic diagonal (1691853205)
  • Single wheel, left / right (1691853208)
  • Automatic center (1691853207)
  • All movements (1691851204)

Scope of delivery:

  • 2x test plates
  • Hydraulic power unit including wiring
  • Electrical control box including wiring
  • Wireless hand lamp including charging station and power supply
  • Hydraulic hose set
Operating pressure205 bar
Driving power3,0 kW
Weight377 kg
Packing1200 x 800 x 1100 mm
Fuse protection16 A slow-blow
Rated load capacity10 t
Maximum load per axle20 t
Power supply3 x 400 V | 50 Hz
Shear force>30 kN
Dimensions - cover-/test plate740 x 760 x 10 mm
Plate movement horizontal100 mm
Plate movemnt vertical100 mm
Installation depth144 mm
Test plate length590 mm
Test plate width590 mm
Test plate weight160 kg
Hydraulic unit oil Capacity20 l
Test plate height146,5 mm
Gross weight387 kg
Foundation frame set | GST 8508 & GST 86001 691 851 101

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