Q.DAS: innovative, modular FAS calibration

Q.DAS: Beissbarth's answer to challenges in the calibration of driver assistance systems!

The Q.DAS Vision

For professional camera and radar calibration, trained technicians are as indispensable as service/calibration information from vehicle manufacturers and the availability of suitable calibration equipment. Service/calibration information is vehicle model specific and it is important that it is always up-to-date. Especially for calibrating safety-critical driver assistance systems workshops must have access to up-to-date information and be able to fully document their work processes.

Beissbarth engineers have developed Q.DAS with all of these requirements in mind to create a user-friendly, accurate calibration system for automotive workshops that contains the latest ADAS specs from OEMs. Q.DAS was designed so that any automotive service can safely perform the calibration of driver assistance systems, even if this is not a daily routine task in the life of the automotive service.

Q.DAS: Modular calibration solution for any workshop

  • Free choice of calibration targets and radar mirrors
  • Configuration to meet calibration throughput, budget, and space requirements
  • Use of already existing diagnostic solutions in your workshop
  • No lock-in to only one specific diagnostic tester

eTarget: digital display for calibration targets – with wide vehicle coverage

eTargets display the calibration targets on a glass free ePaper screen with reflective technology. This ensures high contrast even under extreme light conditions. The casing provides the eTargets protection during workshop use.

  • Quicker setups: 15 target patterns in one eTarget
  • Automatic selection of the correct pattern
  • High contrast even during extreme light conditions
  • Less space requirements
  • Documentation

Q.mApp: tablet software for camera and radar calibration

Q.mApp (Android) supports the user with simple step-by-step instructions to correctly setup, position, perform and document the calibration:

  • select vehicle and sensor
  • setup and position
  • calibrate using existing diagnostics solutions

For further information visit: https://www.beissbarth-online.com/en/qdas