Everard are exclusive UK distributor for the Beissbarth Equipment


"We areproud and excited to announce that Beissbarth GmbH has appointed Everard Group Limited as our exclusive UK importer and partner. Bothcompanies have long standing relationships and experience within the automotive OEmanufacturers and their franchise dealer groups. We also share organizational values and philosophies which makes the coming together of our two companies an extremely good fit.

Everard have done an incredible job working in concert with the OEvehicle manufacturers to design, optimize and create the workshops of the future. Beissbarth GmbH will continue to draw from its 120 years of specialist experience to further develop innovative products, applications and workshop solutions. As the vehicle population and mobility in general transitions towards the greater demand for autonomous driving the attention to accuracy and safety will become ever more important.

The combination of our two companies working together will be a powerful force to fulfill the current and future workshop needs for Beissbarth driver assistance calibration systems, wheel, chassis and headlamp alignment equipment supported by exemplary sales and service from Everard Group Limited."

Gary PalmerManaging Director of Beissbarth GmbH


For further details on this: https://everard.co.uk/partner/beissbarth-garage-equipment