Beissbarth introduces new premium tyre changer and wheel balancer

With the new wheel balancer MT ZERO 8, Beissbarth introduces full automation in the overall balancing process.

All wheel and rim dimensions are measured automatically during the balancing routine, completely eliminating the need for a data arm or selecting of the balancing program. This not only drives overall workshop efficiency but also prevents user errors and time-consuming customer comebacks. A smart laser system further pinpoints the location for the weight placement and automatically accounts for rim type and the number spokes.

To exceed even the highest customer demands, the ZERO 8 comes with an additional diagnostic program which automatically detects radial runout during every measurement cycle. Measurements are done for both rim and tyre to identify which part is the defective one. To fully eliminate vibrations issues often overlooked with traditional entry-level machines, the ZERO 8 recommends and guides the user through the MatchMount process. This allows the minimization of overall runout of the wheel assembly. The MT ZERO 8 will be available with a pneumatic locking system and a large industrial touch screen from February 2021.

A recent statistic by TyreSystem shows the continuous trend towards larger wheels in passenger cars. The German ADAC further estimates around 25% of all passenger car tyres to be UHP and RFT tyres today. This not only drives up complexity in changing tyres, but also makes failures more costly. While guarding the rim during the changing process has become a standard in center clamp machines, properly protecting the tyre bead is becoming increasingly important in order to return the car safely to your customer.

Apart from a completely new and space-saving design, the MS 800 premium tyre changer comes with a patented new demounting finger that reduces the stress exerted on the bead during disassembly. Two synchronized bead breaker discs, an integrated pneumatic helper arm, as well as the comfort wheel lift help your workshop effortlessly handle even the heaviest and stiffest tyres. The mechanical central clamping system keeps rims up to 32” in size perfectly in position. The MS 800 targets premium workshops  around the globe, starting from February 2021.

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