Beissbarth features a new corporate design.

The new appearance highlights competence in technology, innovative spirit and the brand's high-quality appeal.

No one measures more precisely  – we checked.
The world of Beissbarth can be summarized in two words: messbar besser (measurably better). This slogan stands for our ambition to strive for the best quality possible – from product development all the way through to our excellent service. From its typography to the selection of images and color scheme, our new design radiates confidence, clarity, strength, reliability and a healthy dose of cool. The virtues of precision and expertise can be seen, read and felt wherever you look.

Even more precise, even more dynamic: our new logo.
The modernized Beissbarth logo is a continuation of the brand's tradition. It still consists of lettering accompanied by a stylized car wheel. However, the bottom left tip of the first letter now points directly to the wheel hub, adding a visual cue representing our promise of precision. The new color scheme is black and white, a strong contrast for a strong logo. The slant of the lettering has a more dynamic effect, expressing our pace of innovation even more clearly.

This is our future: digital first.
Our new web presence offers our customers everything in one place:  comprehensive product information, quick access to services and training opportunities tailored to their individual needs. From the digital 360° brand world on the homepage, users can get a quick overview of our product portfolio just by clicking. Our new cloud-based product database will enable dealers and partners to use interfaces to automate the publication of our product information through their digital channels. Our Training Academy (TRAC), too, features its diverse range of training programs on our website. People interested in training courses can now secure spots directly through the new booking platform. The expansion of digital offerings from Beissbarth and TRAC will continue in 2020.

We will introduce the new corporate design in steps, with our web presence going first and our printed products and product branding following.