An unbelievably bright idea: Our MLD 9000 headlight tester

Headlight testing procedure is a new challenge for workshops.

  • continuous technological development
  • new safety standards
  • specific manufacturers calibration procedures
  • expert know-how required for intelligent headlight tests

The solution is the digital headlight tester MLD 9000 by Beissbarth. It's suitable for all light sources and intelligent systems (matrix 1, matrix 2, DLA, ILS …). This product prepares the workshop to future challenges. The system can be kept up to date if new standard will be created from manufacturers.

The MLD 9000's measuring technology ensures the highest accuracy. Digital image processing using live images in real time allows for the precise testing and adjustment of various headlight types in an intuitive and speedy manner. Adjustment diagrams indicate actual and target values in a way that is both easy to access and understand. Additionally, acoustic signals will indicate that  the headlights have been adjusted in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications and legal requirements. The user is guided through the evaluation and adjustment process, which makes the complexity of high-tech headlight designs manageable and offers the user complete control over the process.

An optional vertical laser kit supplements the MLD 9000. That way, the product can be aligned with the symmetrical axis of the vehicle and the headlight adjusted to meet the highest standards of manufactures. Owners of the ADAS calibration tool BBFAS 415/1415 by Beissbarth can use its laser for the MLD 9000 as well. Beissbarth also offers an inclination sensor for the product to deal with slightly uneven surfaces in the workshop.

In the future, measurement results can also be displayed directly on a computer by WLAN and linked to customer information.

Here you can find more information on the product MLD 9000.