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RaceScales | VAS 701009 | Precision turntable with load cells | 920Mhz | Japan

4x battery powered high precision turntables with weight function for full integration of corner balancing into the wheel alignment process.

Article number: 1 690 400 102

Electronic corner weight scales: Optimal adjustment of the chassis in connection with the wheel alignment

The electronic corner weight scales carry out high-precision weight distribution on the vehicle. In connection with the wheel alignment, the chassis can be optimally adjusted. This provides maximum levels of grip and better overall handling of the vehicle.

By the help of the corner weight scales the static weight distribution as well as the center of gravity optimization are integrated into to wheel alignment process. This not only ensures a stable and levelled working surface for optimal measurement results but also allows the immediate re-adjustment of camber, caster, and toe settings after the change in ride height. In motorsports the RaceScales ensure best race settings of the vehicle for faster lap times.

Digital corner balance scales:

  • High precision for best measurement results
  • High performance lithium polymer battery, wireless
  • Seamless integration in all common wheel alignment lifts
  • Compatible with all Beissbarth wheel aligners and third-party systems
  • Intuitive software with clear display of measured values
  • Always-on-top mini screen with live values of the four wheel weights

Software functions for optimal weight distribution:

  • Weight distribution per wheel
  • Weight distribution per axle
  • Difference between front and rear
  • Weight distribution per side
  • Difference between left and right
  • Cross Weight
  • Cross Weight in %
  • Total weight
  • Live center of gravity
  • Weighing protocol with company and customer information

Features wheel alignment turntables:

  • With steering sensor for maximum steer measurement with CCD, Touchless, and Q.Lign wheel aligner
  • Very high quality and durability
  • Steel balls for reduced friction and higher accuracy
  • Compatible with all common wheel alignment lifts
  • Seamless integration in wheel alignment lifts without fixed rear sliding base

Scope of delivery:

  • 2 turntables Precision with load cells and steering sensor (920 MHz)
  • 2 turntables Precision with load cells without steering sensor (920 MHz)
  • 4 turntable covers
  • 4 charging cables (4 m)
  • 2 USB power supply
  • Radio receiver (920 MHz)
  • Software and documentation (on USB flash drive)

Technical specs:

  • Maximal load capacity per turntable: 1000 kg
  • Frequency: 433 MHz (only suited for Japan)
  • Battery runtime under full load: >24 h
  • Measurement accuracy: <0,2% of final value (0 -1,000 kg measuring range)
  • Resolution: 1 kg
  • Required operating system for PC visualization: Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 / 11

All corner weight scales are factory calibrated through ISO-certified measurement laboratory!

Listed as official Porsche accessory: VAS 701 009

Weight19 kg
Length450 mm
Height54,5 mm
Packaging unit1 Pallet(s)
Operating temperature0 - 40 °C
Turntable capacity1000 kg
Data transmission type920MHz cordless
Width515 mm
Accumulator power (electric charge)5.92 Wh
Set-up width450 mm
Set-up length450 mm
Frequency920 MHz
Storage temperature-10 - 60 °C
Country of Origin, customsDE
Number of languages (software)14
Load capacity per turntable1000 kg
Set of Drive-on ramps | for RaceScales1 692 000 221
Flight Case | for RaceScales1 692 000 224
Calibration tool | for RaceScales1 692 000 223