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Side Slip Tester MSS 8400

To quickly measure toe-in or toe-out on two-tracks trucks with maximum test load of 8000kg. Compatible with both old (MB 8xxx) and new (BD 5xxx to BD 8xxx) generation brake tester

Article number: 1 691 841 007

Weight80 kg
Packing1060 x 820 x 340 mm
Protection class54 IP
Length995 mm
Height36 mm
Operating temperature-10 - 50 °C
Width800 mm
Max. axle load testable8000 kg
Measuring range±12 mm/m
Max. test speed15 km/h
Storage temperature-10 - 30 °C
Gross weight92 kg
Relative humidity max.< 85 %
Built in frame for MSS 84001 691 842 001

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