Quality Policy

  • We strive for 0 defects
  • Quality and quality improvement is every associate´s responsibility. Continous improvement is part of our culture
  • Our directives, processes, systems and goals are based on requirements from international standards, customer expectations, our knowledge and experience. Their knowledge of and compliance is the foundation of our quality
  • Quality perception by the customer is a combination of product, installation / training and aftersales service. A holistic approach is necessary
  • Avoiding failures is more important than eliminating defects. We systematically apply methods and tools for preventive quality assurance, learn from mistakes and eliminate their root causes without delay
  • Our business partners contribute substantially to the quality of our products and services. The expectation is that the partners must aspire to the same high quality standards. We support their progress

We manufacture high quality products for the global market place, supported by robust systems, motivated employees and satisfied customers.