Q.Lign 360°

Ultimate productivity - vehicle after vehicle



In times of electromobility, wheel alignment is more important than ever for driver safety and performance.

High torque and weight exert extreme forces on suspension components and tires. Without regular alignments, excessive wear of tires and suspension components is inevitable. Wheel alignment therefore offers increasingly important service potential for workshops, and the new "Q.Lign 360°" helps to fully exploit exactly that.




The "Q.Lign 360°" extends the Beissbarth wheel alignment range with a stand-alone off-the-lift solution. Building on the success of the innovative "Q.Lign" electronics and software platform, the new wheel aligner enables you as an automotive workshop to perform wheel alignments faster and more efficiently than ever before!




Instead of being mounted on the side of the platform, four cameras look at the vehicle from the front. The special design of the cameras enables measurement from a distance of 1.8 to 3.3 meters from the front axle - without height adjustment and regardless of short or long wheelbases. Motors, winches and the constant ups and downs of the wide camera beams are now a thing of the past.

Increase the productivity and quality of your wheel alignment service to a new level - with the Q.Lign 360°!


Beissbarth T-Serie wheel aligner

The complete wheel aligner inside the camera beam

✓ No trolley

✓ No PC

✓ Up to 90% more energy-efficient than PC-based systems

✓ Accessible from anywhere inside the whole workshop via LAN/WLAN

T.41 Kit: Wall installation for even more free workshop space


T.41: For free positioning in the workshop


Measuring at the highest level

  • Four cameras instead of two: all wheels always perfectly in focus
  • Flexible installation from 1800mm to 3300mm distance
  • Measure wheelbases from 1750mm to 4600mm without any problems
  • Optional operation via tablet, PC or smartphone
  • Precise measurement technology Made in Germany

Also available as for wall mounting with holder:

  • Space-saving wall mounting instead of column mounting
  • Measuring from up to 4 m
  • 360° lift access at any time
  • Operation via tablet instead of monitor, even under the vehicle
  • No trolley, no PC, no space problem
  • Minimum effort, maximum integration



The front toe values depend on the rear axle. The better you can determine the toe on the rear axle, the more accurate your measurements will be on the front axle. That's why all Q.Lign wheel aligners dedicate one camera to each wheel! Other commercially available dual-camera systems, on the other hand, have to capture and measure both the rear and front axles simultaneously with only one camera.

Two wide-angle cameras for maximum visibility:

✓ From as close as 1.8m distance
✓ From zero to alignment height
✓ Runout and caster sweep at floor level to prevent injuries
✓ One camera per wheel for increased precision


Two high-focus cameras for long distances:

✓ For wheelbases up to 4600mm
✓ Separate camera for the rear axle
✓ Automatically ensures more precise front toe values



Beissbarth T-Serie wheel aligner camera range

Measure and align at all heights from bottom to top, no matter the wheelbase.


Beissbarth T-Serie wheel aligner camera range

Even at floor level all targets in sight at all times, without moving or tilting.


Q.Grip: almost Touchless


Q.Lign 360° is also compatible with our innovative Q.Grip wheel clamps for easy and fast mounting

  • 5x faster than conventional clamps
  • No rim contact
  • Three gripping arms for a secure and precise hold during the entire measurement process
  • No removal of hub caps
  • From 21" to 33" in under a second, without knob twisting



Built on the existing Q.Lign software platform. 


  • Easy-to-understand and clear printouts
  • Intuitive software, optimized workflows, more productivity
  • For all devices: PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Stream-to-X: access the software from anywhere in the workshop

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