EasyTread - Connectivity Kit


Measuring tire tread: fast, transparent, service-oriented

EasyTread Tire Tread measurement

Measuring tire tread depth manually is very time-consuming and error-prone. Are you looking for solutions to increase efficiency in your workshop? Our automated tire diagnostic device EasyTread measures millions of data points per tire to detect unsafe tires accurately, quickly and reliably.

Keep tire sales stable

The fully automated results indicate potential problems with the chassis or tire pressure, which become apparent by uneven tire wear.
EasyTread therefore not only helps to keep tire sales stable and increase service opportunities, but also provides more transparency and trust to increase customer loyalty. Learn more about how you can increase the safety of your customer's vehicle today.


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Beissbarth EasyTread

Automatic tire tread depth measurement and its advantages 

  • Fast diagnosis: Up to 8km/h crossing speed: tread depth and wear pattern known within seconds
  • Fast reaction: Immediate recommendations for action: in the event of irregular tire wear
  • Flexible installation: Above-ground or inground installation possible
  • More safety: High precision and reliability of the values
  • Easy handling: Transfer of measurement results to any display device
  • Smart solution: Automatic license plate and country recognition

new features of the connectivity kit:

  • Easier integration into the workshop network
  • Faster results: up to 20%
  • Graphic design: new graphics interface
  • Workshop-Net (asanetwork) compatible
  • New statistics interface
  • Easy update: of the EasyTread proxy software via the user interface
  • Live view of several EasyTreads on one screen
  • Search functionality via license plates in the crossing history

Existing systems can easily be upgraded with the connectivity kit.  

New Features of the connectivity kit

Live Monitor


The new LIVE Monitor is an evolution of the previous History screen that includes some new and more customer-friendly features. 

  • Always shows the last ten crossings
  • Search function via license plate
  • Indication of causes for irregular wear
  • Hide indicator (GDPR)
  • Direct link to protocol for printing or downloading (pdf)
  • Multiple measuring stations can be displayed in one live monitor
  • Shows direction of crossing (incoming or outgoing)
  • Permanent data storage with backup function

Crossing Monitor


The crossing monitor shows the crossing availability of the EasyTread system, as well as the overview of the measured values after the crossing. 
To increase the user experience, it contains the following features

new features: 

  • 3 different types of result display
  • Different designs selectable
  • Ready display

statistics & provision of data


With the new EasyTread updates, the following features are possible: 

  • Forwarding or storage of measured values via standardized web interfaces/ JSON format
  • Data exchange via multiple connectivity kits
  • Data forwarding via secure internet connection (https) to web applications (internet/intranet), even from pre-evaluated data
  • Integration into Workshop-Net (asanetwork)

EasyTread Workshop Network

Simple and fast integration into the workshop network

  • by DHCP (static IP addresses no longer necessary)
  • by LAN or WLAN

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