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Suspension tester SAT 690 | THETA | 230V

Special accessory for series BD 4xxx brake testers

Article number: 1 692 106 690

  • Through the SAT 690 it is possible to quickly and unambiguously check and assess axle damping, because this is tester determines axle damping on a physical basis.
  • Operation of the SAT 690 is based on the resonance method and it analyses at the resonant frequency the amount of energy present in the vibrating system (wheels, axle and body).
  • Through a further physical assessment the dimension-less Lehr’s damping factoralso known as damping ratio "D" can be determined.
  • This measurement principle is considered as being highly accurate and this has been confirmed already several times through comprehensive surveys and comparative tests.
Weight650 kg
Fuse protection16 A
Length800 mm
Height280 mm
Operating temperature-10 - 50 °C
Power supply230 V | 50 - 60 Hz
Width2320 mm
Max. axle load testable2200 kg
Test width min. - max.880 - 2200 mm
Exciter frequency2 - 10 Hz
Exciter stroke6,5 mm
Motor power2 x 1,1 kW
Storage temperature-10 - 50 °C
Test principle- Resonance method (THETA method)
Accuracy of readings+/- 2 % of full-scale reading
Measuring range Damp. Factor „D“0,02 - 0,3
Plate stroke max.70 mm
Relative humidity max.85 %
Max. drive-over load2500 kg
Installation frame for test lane with Theta suspension tester SAT 69x1 691 602 241
Edge protection for test lane with Theta suspension tester SAT 69x1 691 602 242

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