Nissan Radarsensor RSCD 2100

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ML Easy

  • Wheel alignment for everyone.
  • Economical and easy, its that simple!
  • 8 or 6 CCD cameras for combined toe/Camber measurement (Patent)
  • Cable or radio data transfer with 433 MHz oder 2,4 GHz

The microline Easy

If you appreciate easy handling combined with modern design.

Self explanatory: the all user friendly program for easy handling.

The opposite of hard and complicated is easy. The microline easy program has been redefined with simplicity, variety and speed in mind, allowing for safe and correct handling for example the command functions are clearly shown in button style - without text! However, if text is required, in the preparatory phase, we offer it in over 18 different languages. In brief: the new graphical program with logical and consistent program design, makes the handling of the microline easy, straightforward. The complete measurement is controlled via the mouse and or keyboard.

How do you prefer to carry out the measuring process? Choose from three measuring routines.

Microline easy was designed to give your wheel alignment service the best possible efficiency. Easy handling means for instance that you can select the most effective measuring routine for the car before starting the wheel alignment procedure. "Standard" is a programguided routine with initial and final measurements."Rapid" means measurement without caster steering angle. And "Free Measurement" is for checking individual values as required.

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ML 8 R Easy, Microprocessor alignment computer for all cars and light trucks up to a maximum wheel base of 6,5 m for total alignment with 8 toe sensor system. 20° CCD camera measurement technology with RF data transfer, the 20° Camera technology allows the measurement of Caster and KPI at 20° turning angle with mechanical turntables.

The microline easy lives up to its name.

What you can expect from the microline easy.

Before you look at the microline easy′s technical data and note the system′s excellent measuring accuracy, the following list summarises the product′s advantages:

ML Easy

ML Easy Title


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